Samuel Cottell is a piano teacher in Mosman. He caters to students from beginner to advanced. 

Beginners and Children

Samuel has extensive experience in teaching beginner piano. Beginning with interval reading and finding their way around the piano, students learn to read music using the interval system (sames, steps, and skips) and are able to read music within the first few lessons using this method.Students can learn for leisure, or undertake exams and perform a wide variety of repertoire that suites their tastes.


Samuel has a number of adult students who have learned when they are younger and are returning to the piano, or are just starting. Equipping adult learners with a set of skills that will have them enjoying their piano playing and music making is the primary goal here. Learning about the music, and learning how to teach themselves gives them life-long skills in music.

HSC Students

Samuel has extensive experience in coaching HSC students in all areas of music including:
Performance, Composition, Musicologyand Ensemble Performance

Samuel also has years of experience as a HSC accompanist in Music 1, Music 2 and Extension in all areas and subjects of HSC music including, classical music, jazz, popular, including composition and musicology. Many of Samuel’s students have achieved Band 6 in their exams and several have gone on to study music at the UNSW, AIM, Wesley College, and overseas.


While it is not essential for students to undertake piano exams, it is a good way for them to progress and develop. Samuel can prepare students for all exam levels from beginner to Diploma level in performance, theory and musicianship. There are many exam options throughout the year.