Music Lessons in Mosman 

As a pianist, arranger, composer, and performer, Samuel brings a wealth of experience to teaching piano. From complete beginners to adults who are looking to re-learn or start the piano after many years absence, Samuel's approach to learning piano will have you playing and reading music in no time. 

Samuel teaches with the Contemporary Piano Method. From the very beginning students learn interval reading, have a clear understanding of the flow of the music and are able to read hands together within just a few lessons. Drawing on his approach to music as an arranger and orchestrator Samuel equips students with a complete understanding of the music from a chord and harmonic point of view. This allows the students to see the music as a whole and grasp the overall shape and form of the music they are studying. 

Samuel's approach includes harmonic analysis, reading music, learning to read both traditional notation and to follow chord charts. Students learn classical repertoire, popular pieces, jazz, and also learn how to improvise and make their own music in a creative setting. 

If you are interested in learning the piano, or are wanting to revisit the piano after many years, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.